I am gwynn.

I am interested in delivering data differently. Modern day methods of data interaction focus largely on connecting data to visual senses which limits people with low vision or blindness and ignores a multitude of technologically feasible interactions. My goal is to connect statistical programming languages to available technology that addresses this. I am also passionate about supporting community-led research involving those facing entrenched inequalities and revamping current introductory statistics courses. I am an International keynote speaker, co-founder of the Harvard Data Science Initiatives's R User Group, and co-organizer of RLadies DC. I have a PhD in Statistics from The University of Auckland (the birthplace of R), where I studied with Thomas Lumley and Ross Ihaka, an MS in Mathematics from Northern Arizona University, and a BA in Mathematics from St Mary's College of Maryland. I am currently completing a post-doc at Harvard Business School's Laboratory for Innovation Science.