I am gwynn.

I am currently working as a post-doc at Harvard Business School's Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard where I am working on The Science of Science project. I have a PhD in Statistics from The University of Auckland (the birthplace of R), an MS in Mathematics from Northern Arizona University, and a BA in Mathematics from St Mary's College of Maryland. I have worked with Thomas Lumley, Ross Ihaka, and Ken Kleinman. I am an international keynote speaker who inspires instagram posts. I am the recipient of a useR! 2020 diversity scholarship. I have assisted at workshops with Dr. Alison Hill, Dr. Max Kuhn, and Dr. Garrett Grolemund. I organize events for RLadies DC and other organizations. I build Shiny applications and demo them. I work to increase diversity in the R community. I have certificates in teaching and in Spanish. I muse here.